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Art Deco “About Us”

Art Deco is a division of Cove Products which manufactures some of the most versatile and unique dog Kennels and animal enclosures on the market (see k9kennelstore.com). We are constantly innovating and designing interesting new products and because the white boards in our offices were rather ugly we decided to make ourselves dry erase boards in beautiful colors. That sounds easy enough right? Wrong. We found out very quickly that there are technical problems that needed to be solved. The first of which is the strong reflection that happens with all marker boards but is even more noticeable when using colors. After having one in the office for a few weeks we knew we had to correct the reflection problem. Another issue was to make sure the surface was tough enough that it wouldn’t scratch with normal use. Fixing this problem created another issue which was an “orange peel” texture in the finish. After working for well over a year we finally came up with beautiful colorful finishes that were tough, smooth and non-reflective. We put a couple of them in our offices and people began to ask about them so we starting selling them. Now we have added a website to allow everyone to enjoy the beauty of the Art Deco Dry Erase Boards.      



What makes a great dry erase board? Art Deco Boards serve many purposes beyond keeping information to a specific area. Art Deco Boards and accessories must be able to withstand heavy traffic use for both commercial and industrial applications. Art Deco manufactures a wide range of dry erase boards to fit your specific needs. We make Art Deco Boards for small areas such as kitchen walls and for large areas like conference rooms & offices. Quality is the Art Deco Dry Erase difference.


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